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… I’ve been a horrible blogger. As in, nonexistent.

… we celebrated a special little someone’s 7th birthday with inflatables and firetrucks. But no real fireman because he didn’t show up. Or fire hats, because I forgot them in the closet where I hid them so Little Man wouldn’t find them before the party. But the cake? Amazing.

image_3 (2)


… we ate pancakes with Santa on the Actual Day of Birth (note: candle). And tracked down a friend, too.

image_2 (2)


image_1 (2)


… I found this gem. “My favorite part of Charlotte’s Web was when the last part when the rat got fat.”

image (2)


… we watched Faith play her little heart out in basketball, while we entertained ourselves with piggybacks.

photo (5)


image_4 (2)


… dude was the cutest kid in school. (Then again, when isn’t he?)

image_6 (2)


… this happened.

image_7 (2)


… I watched a little tiny baby sleep.

photo (5)


… was good.



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IMG_2183This? This was five years ago. He was two.

And tomorrow? That sweet little baby turns seven.

Did you hear me? I said SEVEN.

So, in honor of a day full of Christian, here’s some funny things he’s said…


Christian: A cricket!!!

Me: KILL IT!!!

C: No! They’re God’s creatures! I only kill spiders and snakes.

Me: Well, those are God’s creatures, too.

C: Yeah, but He doesn’t really like them.


C: What are you playing?

Faith: Life.

C: Life stinks.


C: (Doing something super annoying.)

Me: That’s super annoying.

C: Yeah, I know. That’s what I like best about life – being annoying to parents. And I like God and Jesus in my heart.


C: It’s funny to annoy you and Daddy because then you get all worn out and we get to play with our toys. And when we ask you something you say, “eh,” and we will take that as a yes. (Giggle.)


C: When are we getting that elf out?

Me: What do you mean get her out? Santa sends her in December. She’s real.

C: Oh. I thought since she was plastic she wasn’t real.


I know he’s adorable, but seriously. Make him stop growing.




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The 33rd

This is Evan on his 1st birthday.

I didn’t know him then. Mainly because I was negative six years old. Also because he lived in Italy, and I’ve never been there.

But I did know him on his 29th birthday!

Will you look at that baby? (Christian, not Evan.) When did he grow up?

Apparently, birthdays 30 and 31 were not important, because I don’t have a single picture. I’m worthless.

But here’s 32!

Babies don’t keep.

And neither do 32 year olds. Because today, my handsome husband turns 33!! Thirty stinkin’ three.

Seriously. It’s time to stop getting older. He’s practically 40.

I mean, thank God he isn’t. But, almost.

But let me tell you something: this guy? He gets better with age. I mean, four years ago, he was an Obamican.

Thank goodness he came to his senses before Election Day, but – shew. Seriously. That was scary for a hot second.

And legit – how does he keep getting better looking? Is that a man thing? Because it’s not fair.

But I ain’t complainin’.

Not only do I love him more on his 33rd birthday than I did way back on his 29th, but I like him more, too. He’s good to me and our family.

I think I’ll keep him.

Happy Birthday, love!

P.S. I’m sorry you’re old.


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The Birthday Girl on my wedding day (see #3).

{1}     Remember in my last post when I promised more substantial posts? Yeah, that starts next week.

{2}     My Little Tiny Baby Way-Too-Grown-Up Little Boy lost his second tooth last night! He’s the cutest. Also, the smartest. Seriously. Last night, he made a “trap” out of everything from curtain rods, plastic bins and plastic ties to toy swords, dinosaurs and big trucks. And when he showed me the contraption this morning – I was genuinely impressed. I’m thinking engineer.

{3}     Today is my Mom’s 50th birthday!! (Although, she certainly doesn’t look her age, which I’m totally counting as a win in the genetic department.) She’s kind of awesome, and you should be jealous she’s not your mom.

{4}     Evan and I discussed my our excessive Starbucks habit yesterday, and agreed that we spend way too much money on something we can (& do, sometimes) brew at home.

And then he called me this morning to ask if I’d bring him a piece of sweet bread from Starbucks. And while I was there, I figured I’d go ahead and get a Tall Blonde Roast, as well. I guess that will have to start next week, too.

{5}     Also starting next week is me on the #cbdiet. Seriously. I know you don’t know what that is, but I’ll explain later. I attempted to start this week, and then a calzone, pizza rolls, pizza & BBQ happened. Oh yeah, and Big Mac. With fries. And a Sprite.

Look, I barely ate for the last two weeks because I had to be in a bikini, so I made up for it this week. And then some. I’m not ashamed.

Well, maybe a little bit.

{6}     This is quite possibly the most pointless blog post ever. Bye.

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

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I woke up sometime around 6:15 a.m., after Evan had already been up and moving around. I groggily said, “So much for Starbucks,” referring to our plan from the previous night to get up early and have Birthday Coffee at 6:30 before he went to work.

I then turned over and passed out until Evan kissed me goodbye (with a Happy Birthday thrown in, of course) at 7.

I think we both knew there was no way a 6:30 a.m. ANYTHING was going to happen with me, let alone a date that required me to be coherent and look presentable. Even if it was Day of Birth Celebration.

Eventually, I crawled out of bed, refusing to adhere to my normal stay-in-bed-until-I’m-at-least-an-hour-late-for-work-then-get-up routine because, quite frankly, I didn’t want to waste a single minute of the day.

I put on the best outfit I could find for a muggy, rainy day, which ended up being the absolute worst outfit. Skinny pants, three shirts (tank top, 3/4 sleeve, and a sweater. A SWEATER.), and flats.

Rainy. Muggy.

I fed the dogs, quickly updated my new Pinterest project (below), and made Daysie look me in the eye as I told her it was my birthday before I put her back under her blanket.

I walked outside and, in all seven steps it took me to get to my car, was soaking wet. Oh, the rain.

My first stop was Starbucks because, well, they sent me a card for a free drink on my birthday and there was no way I was passing that up. So, when the barista told me I could get any size, I obviously ordered the Venti Chai. And a donut.

I spent Birthday Morning drinking a ginormo chai (that would make me swell up into a balloon in just an hour or so), eating my donut (or maybe it was the donut) and reading blogs. Perfection.

West Virginia must have overlooked Day of Birth Celebration on their calendars, because someone scheduled Election Day on the same day. The nerve.

And because I’m an upstanding citizen (and a devout Republican), I voted. And because I haven’t changed my Voter’s Registration information since 2005, I had to drive all $25 worth of gas to my elementary school to vote.

At which place I voted as Jennifer Parsons. And not a single person asked for my ID, which I would not have been able to provide, considering my name has been changed twice since I was JLP.

While casting my ballot for elections I could not care less about, I looked up and saw the only other voter in the gymnasium. Caleb. Remember him? (He gets married in a month from today, by the way, NO THANKS TO Y’ALL!)

I embarrassingly yelled his name across the gym. Everyone except Caleb heard me. And stared at me.

So, I called him. And promptly watched him hit the Ignore button on his phone.


He redeemed himself by waiting for me to finish up voting, made sure I voted for Romney, and then kindly took a picture with me to document Day of Birth Celebration. Unfortunately, I looked like a mongaloid in that photo, so you’ll never see it.

After a couple errands, Chick-Fil-A Birthday Lunch with Evan and wonderfully-timed oncoming cramps, I went home to find the half of a Percocet that I was praying was in my medicine cabinet.

Against my will, I fell asleep, but woke up pain free. And looking all a mess.

I quickly freshened my smeared makeup and brushed my cray cray hair, just in time for my family to arrive for Official Day of Birth Celebration.

We scorched grilled hamburgers and chased them with delicious cake (homemade by my Momma) and ice cream.

I know you’re on the edge of your seat, so – I got my Clarisonic … in pink!! And a Hobby Lobby gift card! And my very first pair of TOMs!

It was a small little shindig, but I was surrounded by the people I love more than anyone and anything.

Like these two people:

My brother and his wife, Cassie, who has been one of my best friends since the First Grade. (I had her before he did!!) And now. Now?! They’re making me an Aunt to a little tiny baby girl … who apparently is going to be named Lucille. (I kid.)

It was a wonderful day, honestly. So much love. The only thing that could have possibly made it better would have been for the kids to be there, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

But the very best part of my day was a little surprise. After I had changed out of my Birthday Dress and washed off the two layers of makeup with my new Clarisonic, I found this little gem laying on my nightstand:

The sweetest letter from my husband.

I’m so lucky. I love my life, and I am going to absolutely love Twenty Six.

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1- Full week of beach vacation (it’s been a while).

2- Start Project Life (<– SO excited!!)

3- First anniversary.

4- Making our house into a home.

5- Visits to DC and Evan’s Aunt Wendy.

6- Become an Aunt for the first time!! (More on that later.)

7- My parents putting in an in-ground pool.

8- Planting my first garden!

9- Working hard and saving money for something that will change. my. life.

10- Dreaming up ideas for my very own small business, and getting the heck out of day-job-ness.

11- Faith starting Middle School.

12- My BFF having her little tiny baby girl!

13- Christian starting golf lessons. (I mean, it doesn’t get any cuter than that!)

14- Reading the plethora of books I recently bought for 50 cents each at Big Lots, of all places.

15- Putting my dream office together, and having an inspiring place to blog.

16- Getting all my wedding photos printed.

17- Playing a more active role in our church.

18- New. Friends. (Any takers?)

19- Learning how to sew.

20- New York City. (I don’t know when, but I’M GOING!)

21- Catching Fire, the movie.

22- iPhone 5.

23- My new Birchbox subscription.

24- A new President. (Okay, I’m really crossing my fingers on this one.)

25- Starting Mad Men, Season Five.

26- Having the best year of my life, yet.

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{one} Clarisonic Mia / {two} Ikea HEMNES desk 
{three} Michael Kors iPad cover / {four} Today Is Stamp by EliseJoy 
{five} Hobby Lobby Gift Card / {six} Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream

It’s that time again, folks. BIRTHDAY WEEK!

I’m turning 26 in six days. It’s still mid-20’s, people.

In celebration of me turning one year older more wonderful, I thought I’d give you a few ideas of what to buy for me.

You’re welcome.

{one} Clarisonic Mia
Ideally, I’d like the Plus version, but there’s really no chance I’d pay $225 for a face-cleanser brush. My only stipulation: must be pink.

{two} Ikea HEMNES Desk
Oh, how much I want this. I finally have an office, and I finally have an iMac. All I need is the pretty white desk to feel complete.

{three} Michael Kors iPad Cover
Uh, because I need it.

{four} Today Is Stamp by Elise Joy
Okay. EliseJoy? Awesome. Her stamps? Even awesome-er. I think this particular stamp will be handy in starting up my Project Life. But guess what? She has a That’s What She Said stamp. HELLO! Okay, I need them both.

{five} Hobby Lobby Gift Card
Preferrably in the amount of $700. Or whatever. I have a list of projects long enough to keep me busy ’til I’m blogging about my 27th birthday (I just got a knot in my stomach).

{six} Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream
Because I’m turning 26. Hold me.

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