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I haven’t been actively trying to complete things on my list, mainly because I’m pretty disappointed in my list. I may revisit my 101 in 1,001 in the near future for some revisions … but for now, here’ s an update.

You can find the original list here.

6. Buy a car.
I finally got something! Emphasis on finally. My great-grandmother loves me and let me buy her Taurus for a great price. It’s not my Beemer, but it gets me where I need to go and it is certainly better than what I had before (nothing).

7. Build an Etsy Store.
It’s nothing special and I haven’t sold anything, but I did it! Go look, go look! Pretty People Etsy Store

30. Beat Super Mario Bros. on Wii. By myself.
Okay, so I didn’t technically beat it by myself, but I only had help on a couple small (or very integral, you’ll never know) parts. Sometimes in life you need help. And in Mario Bros., I definitely needed help. It only took six months! (That is sarcasm.)

74. Go to Zumba with Mom.
Again, I’m altering the item because … well … I’m allowed. I went to Zumba, but not with my Mom. I went with my friend Caleb, who was way better at it than I was. I only went once, mainly because I looked like a retarded fish flopping around. I may go back. You never know.

83. Try a brand new shampoo / conditioner set.
This is something I rarely do. When something works for you, why change? Tresemme smells wonderful and makes my hair feel perfectly smooth, so I’ve never thought about changing. Then I found myself without a single bottle of shampoo or conditioner, so what’s a girl to do? Fortunately, my hairstylist-friend Jenny had given me a couple samples of KMS California Moisture Repair shampoo / conditioner a while back, and it finally came to my rescue. It was okay. Not something I’d pay big bucks for, I don’t think. But at least I tried. Even if I didn’t have a choice.

That is all. Sad, isn’t it? I should really get out more.


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TGIFrouFrou Friday

(1) I opened an Etsy store! (And now I get to mark that off my 101 in 1,001!) Go look: there’s not much there, and it’s not prettied up yet (as in, the banner is a box with an X in it), but I’ll get there. Not much I can do about it today while at work. And, I can’t really take credit for the Yummys .. that’s all my creative mother. Feel free to tell others about my site that will have more and cuter things soon … I PROMISE!


(2) I took two allergy pills last night around 7 pm-ish. I’m pretty sure it was an illegal drug that makes you want to sleep for the rest of your life while unable to perform any activity while trying to stay awake. Eighteen-ish hours later, I’m still wanting to be in bed. (Then again, that’s not really abnormal.)

(3) So, I suck at bracketology. Thanks, Georgetown.

(4) This whole healthcare bill thing is scary. Really big bad scary. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know much about it (I’m a journalist and an avid politico … and I haven’t been following this. I’m ashamed.), but what I do know is crazy. I’ll say this: chip implants. Mark of the Beast, anyone? Mandatory insurance purchases? We are too close to being a communist country its sickening. Wait ’til this bill is passed (via the Slaughter Bill … you know, to save senators’ reputations so they can all be re-elected. Vomit.) – then it will be evident … and too late.

(5) I’m chalking this week up as a blog fail. I’ve been uninspired and very distracted (work, life, crafting, etc.). I promise to rejuvenate over the weekend … perhaps via home pedicure, face mask and the Sunday crossword … and give you a heck of a week next week. Or I may have more excuses, we’ll see.

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