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… I’ve been a horrible blogger. As in, nonexistent.

… we celebrated a special little someone’s 7th birthday with inflatables and firetrucks. But no real fireman because he didn’t show up. Or fire hats, because I forgot them in the closet where I hid them so Little Man wouldn’t find them before the party. But the cake? Amazing.

image_3 (2)


… we ate pancakes with Santa on the Actual Day of Birth (note: candle). And tracked down a friend, too.

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… I found this gem. “My favorite part of Charlotte’s Web was when the last part when the rat got fat.”

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… we watched Faith play her little heart out in basketball, while we entertained ourselves with piggybacks.

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… dude was the cutest kid in school. (Then again, when isn’t he?)

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… this happened.

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… I watched a little tiny baby sleep.

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… was good.



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