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IMG_2183This? This was five years ago. He was two.

And tomorrow? That sweet little baby turns seven.

Did you hear me? I said SEVEN.

So, in honor of a day full of Christian, here’s some funny things he’s said…


Christian: A cricket!!!

Me: KILL IT!!!

C: No! They’re God’s creatures! I only kill spiders and snakes.

Me: Well, those are God’s creatures, too.

C: Yeah, but He doesn’t really like them.


C: What are you playing?

Faith: Life.

C: Life stinks.


C: (Doing something super annoying.)

Me: That’s super annoying.

C: Yeah, I know. That’s what I like best about life – being annoying to parents. And I like God and Jesus in my heart.


C: It’s funny to annoy you and Daddy because then you get all worn out and we get to play with our toys. And when we ask you something you say, “eh,” and we will take that as a yes. (Giggle.)


C: When are we getting that elf out?

Me: What do you mean get her out? Santa sends her in December. She’s real.

C: Oh. I thought since she was plastic she wasn’t real.


I know he’s adorable, but seriously. Make him stop growing.





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